About Our Company

Reyes HVAC Services was founded in 2012 by Ernesto Reyes, who decided to branch out on his own and pursue his dream of providing an honest, quality heating and air conditioning option for his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

 Our skilled technicians installing a commercial HVAC system for a customer.

Motivated by competitors who seem to work solely for a paycheck, Ernesto felt driven by God to help his friends and neighbors in the best way he could.

As a small-scale, family-owned business, Ernesto and his team at Reyes HVAC Services value their community above all else. They’ve pledged to treat their customers with the dignity and integrity they deserve.

Building his company on the pillars of honesty, transparency, and community, Ernesto has ensured that Reyes HVAC Services always provides the best work for the most affordable price.

We are proud to be listed as a quality company with the Better Business Bureau of Dallas and remain a top recommendation by our past and current customers. Call us today at (214) 223-5108 for more information on how we can assist you with your heating and air conditioning needs!

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